Reset Epson K100 Waste Ink Pad Counter

Epson K100 Resetter Functions

Epson K100 Resetter Functions
– Compatible Model: Epson K100

Preparing For Reset Epson K100 Waste Ink Pad Counter

– Download and Active Epson K100 Adjustment Program.
– Clear all printing jobs (the best way is restart printer).
– Connect printer to computer by USB cable.
– Extract K100onePC.rar on Desktop.
– Epson K100 Resetter Only works on Windows System
– Disable Antivirus, firewall, or add Epson K100 Adjustment Program to exclustion.
– Epson K100 Resetter Only resets by USB Cable

Download Epson K100 Adjustment Program

Download Epson K100 Resetter

How to Reset Epson K100(Pictures)

1. Run Epson K100 Adjprog.exe
Reset Epson K100 Step 1
2. Click “Accept” to continue
Reset Epson K100 Step 2
3. Click “Particular adjustment mode”
Reset Epson K100 Step 3
4. Select “Waste ink pad counter” and click “OK”
Reset Epson K100 Step 4
5. Check on box “Main pad counter” and “Platen Pad Counter” and then click “Check”
Reset Epson K100 Step 5
6. Check on box “Main pad counter”/”Platen Pad Counter” and click “Initialization” and “OK”
Reset Epson K100 Step 6
7. Turn printer off then on again to complete Reset Epson K100

How to get key and reset Epson K100(Video)

Epson K100 Resetter: Q&A

Can the Reset Key be used more than once, or do I need to buy a new Reset Key each time I need to reset printers Waste Ink Counter ?
– The RESET KEY is for ONE RESET only.
– The Reset Key Only works for ONE Computer (Base on Hardware ID to create key).
– If you want to reset one more time, you should buy new key.
– The Key only uses on 1 Printer and 1 Time. If you need more than reset times you can choose quantity when you make payment.

Get key reset Epson K100

Reset Epson K100

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