Reset Epson TX-700W Waste Ink Pad Counter

Epson TX-700W Resetter Functions

Epson TX-700W Resetter Functions
– Compatible Model: Epson TX-700W

Preparing For Reset Epson TX-700W Waste Ink Pad Counter

– Download and Active Epson TX-700W Adjustment Program.
– Clear all printing jobs (the best way is restart printer).
– Connect printer to computer by USB cable.
– Extract TX-700WonePC.rar on Desktop.
– Epson TX-700W Resetter Only works on Windows System
– Disable Antivirus, firewall, or add Epson TX-700W Adjustment Program to exclustion.
– Epson TX-700W Resetter Only resets by USB Cable

Download Epson TX-700W Adjustment Program

Download Epson TX-700W Resetter

How to Reset Epson TX-700W(Pictures)

1. Run Epson TX-700W Adjprog.exe
Reset Epson TX-700W Step 1
2. Click “Accept” to continue
Reset Epson TX-700W Step 2
3. Click “Particular adjustment mode”
Reset Epson TX-700W Step 3
4. Select “Waste ink pad counter” and click “OK”
Reset Epson TX-700W Step 4
5. Check on box “Main pad counter” and “Platen Pad Counter” and then click “Check”
Reset Epson TX-700W Step 5
6. Check on box “Main pad counter”/”Platen Pad Counter” and click “Initialization” and “OK”
Reset Epson TX-700W Step 6
7. Turn printer off then on again to complete Reset Epson TX-700W

How to get key and reset Epson TX-700W(Video)

Epson TX-700W Resetter: Q&A

Can the Reset Key be used more than once, or do I need to buy a new Reset Key each time I need to reset printers Waste Ink Counter ?
– The RESET KEY is for ONE RESET only.
– The Reset Key Only works for ONE Computer (Base on Hardware ID to create key).
– If you want to reset one more time, you should buy new key.
– The Key only uses on 1 Printer and 1 Time. If you need more than reset times you can choose quantity when you make payment.

Get key reset Epson TX-700W

Reset Epson TX-700W

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